Is Grammarly bad?

Is Grammarly bad?

Don't use it blindly, you will damage your writing.

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Be careful!

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Grammarly is good. It has improved my writing. I love when it suggests rewriting things for clarity or tightening sentences.

However, over my years of writing, I have noticed applying everything Grammarly suggests isn't the best idea. 🔥

What I want

As a writer, I want to connect with my readers. I want to write in plain language—a language I'd use when I'm speaking. I don't want my blog posts to be hard to digest and sound like someone I'm not.

I connect with my readers by being myself and writing in my own style. It makes me stand out. 🤩

The problem

Grammarly tends to suggest things that don't make sense. For instance, when writing about smart work, it'd suggest I replace the word smart with brilliant. Nobody says brilliant work when we speak about working either hard or smart. 😶

That's where the danger lies. If you apply all of its suggestions, your writing will be damaged. It'll be more confusing and harder to digest because we humans are used to a specific language in our speech.

Don't make your blog posts harder for your readers to read.

Other things I've noticed:

  • Grammarly often suggests I add transition phrases. I don't like that. I like my writing to be short and intense. I've found my writing easier to digest by being more direct.

  • Grammarly suggests I remove words that may be redundant. But those words help me better get my point across.

My eyes opened: Grammarly's suggestions don't align with the style of writing I find pleasant to read.


Grammarly could damage your writing, don't apply its suggestions blindly.