My struggles with remote work

My struggles with remote work

Struggles that may have lead to my burnout.

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I began working as a software developer during the pandemic.

It was the summer of 2020. Because you weren't allowed to go into the office, everyone was working from home. So I began working remotely.

Around October of the same year, I had a mild burnout. It took me a week to recover.

I was grinding hard and had a strict schedule but struggled to work remotely.

Struggles that weighed on me mentally.


When to begin?

When should you begin working? Do you've to start when everyone else does?

Some companies have core hours. Hours of the day when you have to be available.

However, you don't have to worry about when exactly you begin.

Yes, the company cares about when you begin. But they care more about the results you produce.

Begin at a time that's comfortable for you and be consistent with it.

Consistency makes it easy to follow a schedule.

Can I go to the toilet?

Yes, you can go to the toilet.

You shouldn't worry for a second about fulfilling your basic human needs.

And if you're on a call, say you'll be back in a few minutes. It's better than explicitly saying you're going to the toilet.

Am I being watched?

No, you're not being watched all the time. Don't keep that in your head.

It'll drive you insane thinking the company keeps track of every minute you work.

Relax, you're good.

How long should I work?

You should work the hours you put in.

It doesn't have to be strictly by the minute.

If it's 30 minutes left, and you know you won't be able to get started productively on a task, call it a day!

I've been in countless situations where I begin a task shortly before my day ends. It's not good. I always end up working an extra hour or so. Don't do it.

It's not your company. You're employed.

On top of that, the company most likely won't appreciate the extra hour you put in, so don't ever put in extra hours.

Can I snack and drink while working?

Yes, you can snack and drink while working.

In the end, the company cares about the results you produce.

I'd avoid snacking if it gets in your way of producing results.

Can I take breaks while working?


Quality rest equals quality work.

Don't push yourself too hard and take the necessary breaks to work productively.

Your aim is to produce results, not sit in front of the computer for 8 hours straight.

When should I ask for help?

If you're stuck, ask for help.

If you're unsure, ask for help.

If you're confused, ask for help.

If you don't know, ask for help.

Don't be shy. If you're making progress, the entire team is making progress.

Not asking because you're afraid to look dumb makes things slower for the entire team.

The sooner you make progress, the sooner the entire team makes progress.

It's a team effort, after all.

Ask for help when you need to, and remember you're not just doing yourself a favor but the entire team.


If your first job is remote, it can be pretty burdensome.

It feels like you're carrying a mountain in your head.

All the doubts, questions, worries, etc.

Relax, enjoy the remote life and put your health first.