Networking isn't begging!

Networking isn't begging!

Instead of begging randoms for favors, develop meaningful and beneficial relationships.

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That's not fucking networking!

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When some people hear they should network more, they think it means sending someone a message with a compliment and then begging for many favors immediately. That's not networking. Networking is making friends.

It's building meaningful relationships that serve two ways.

Let me share with you how to network.

Gift yourself to the top

I don't know how to begin this, but let me just share how I network. 😂

  1. Support and engage with people I want to network with for a while.

  2. Tell them in a private message how they've helped me and how I like their content. Encourage them to continue doing so.

  3. Continue step 1.

  4. Do step 2 again. Giving them more encouragement and showing more love.

  5. Eventually, the other person looks at my profile and starts engaging with me.

  6. This turns into a genuine friendship.

  7. I tell them I'd be down to hop on a call. I don't ask them. I literally say something like, "lemme know if you're down to hop on a call, much love my G". Like that's literally what I fucking say. By being myself from the very start, that's how the friendship gets developed.

  8. Prepare questions.

  9. Hop on the call, have a nice chat and acquire more knowledge.

This is usually how I network. It depends on the person. I'm not saying it'll work every time. It's effective because I'm myself from the start.

Other things I'd do:

  • Depending on how long you know the person, actually gift them something.

  • Give other people shoutouts. There is no better feeling than being honestly praised in public.


Make more good friends by giving.

The return on investment never disappoints.