Software engineers need Leetcode to succeed

Software engineers need Leetcode to succeed

Leetcode is necessary to succeed in tech. (lmao)

Mar 28, 2023Ā·

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It's bullshit! šŸ˜‰

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You don't need Leetcode to succeed in tech. You need the skills and experience to help companies build real shit. And, of course, as I always say, get your name out there. The more people that know about you, the higher the chance for luck.

  • Work hard in silence

  • Work hard in public

High-paying jobs

You might want to get into a big company like Google because of the pay. That's what I wanted before. In fact, at 19, I set out a goal to become a Staff engineer at Twitter before I'm 25. Little did I know how stupid that was.

Just because you use a product, it doesn't mean you will enjoy working there. You can't even know how working there is before you're in there. You will hear the most reliable experiences from friends working at the company.

If you're looking for a 6-figure job, plenty of companies pay that, including start-ups.

Finding a company that pays 6-figures isn't a problem. The problem is getting to the door, then getting through the door.

Succeeding in tech

I have already shared a lot. Go browse my blog. But if I was to give my younger self advice on how to succeed in tech, this is what I'd tell that kid in short:

  • Opportunities exist every day

  • Work hard

  • Don't expect good to come to you if you aren't chasing it

  • Build side projects

  • Learn in public

  • Start a blog and do blog-driven development

  • Read at least two books a month

  • Network with people


You don't need to master data structures and algorithms to succeed in tech.